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Last update: February 8, 2009:

This Agreement may be reviewed and updated without notice. You are summoned to revízia it regularly. Details on updates can be found at the beginning of this document.


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You acknowledge that it is of legal age to use the website and create legal obligations that until you create any liability as a result of the use of the website. You agree that you are responssável throughout your use of the site including the use of your account by ourtros.


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This site contains images both with and without a visible watermark. Theshot allows a limited permission to view low-resolution images with watermark to determine whether they meet their goals, but you are not allowed to use them in any final material. You need to download and share these images with their version of high resolution and absence of a watermark in the final work. The use of images without watermark is governed by the Agreement for licensing of images.

TheShot providers and their images do their best to provide correct information about images and services of the website, but also of all our efforts there may be some technical errors and writing. Theshot not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from lack of accuracy of any information found on the site.



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